How To Check Bhulekh Records Online Using Uttar Pradesh

About Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh:

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh The Uttar Pradesh Government provides the official website to check their land records through online. In this website, your land records appear in the digital format. Here you will get the land records along with the data or related information. Now you no need to visit the revenue offices or concerned offices to know your land record details

Here the word Bhulekh means that Bhu land and Lekh means records. The official website of the Bhulekh project has developed by the National informatics center.

Will you get the latest updated details at Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh Portal?

Yes, the revenue department of State Government of Uttar Pradesh manages the records at the time to time updates of land records. The department changes land records updated details as soon as possible. Getting land records through online anywhere and anytime is the best services provided by Uttar Pradesh government

About Geo-map facility at Bhulekh portal:

The official website of Uttar Pradesh land records portal provides the Geo-map facility for users. Now you can see the land record details and land in the Geo Map format. The Geo Map is the online map of your village tehsil farm and the other public places.

Bhulekh portal launching details:

The web-based land document system started on May 2nd, 2016. This service has been implemented in all tehsil of state. Here you will get the Uttar Pradesh land map also to print out

National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP) is the initiative Indian Government for computerization land records across India. The website provides the details easily by online like ROR etc. This portal contains the land map records of districts, villages, Tehsil etc.

What are the online services available in UP Bhulekh online portal?

  • Copy of land records in the form of digital format
  • Online verification for land records
  • Rooftop map facility (land will be displayed in the bird’s eye view format)

Steps to Check Land Records Online Using Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh Portal:

  • Go to Bhulekh official website of UP
  • Click on the option “See imitation of Khatoni” or “खाते की नक़ल देखें

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh

  • And then select the district, Tehsil, Village name.

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh

  • After selecting the village name, you can check the land details by entering the mentioned details like Account number, Gata number, and the name of the account holder (Select any one).

land records online using uttar pradesh bhulekh

  • Enter the credentials as per your selection and click on search button.
  • Now you will see the land records information online by Bhulekh website

Steps to check the Geo Map copy of your land record:

Visit this link and here select the district, village, tehsil details. You will now see the map of your chosen area. Now choose your farm, plot, measles number, account holder name, area etc related information

Then your farm can get information by entering the measles number directly (It show the small red balls). The land Geo map gives the color that depends on the land type like agriculture land, railways, road, building, other such lands etc

Bhulekh UP Mobile App:

The Uttar Pradesh Government provides the mobile application for users to make the process so simple. Now anyone can operate their land record by using the Smartphone. This app provides the so many online services like online area calculator, online stamp duty calculator, online area conversion, town planning scheme, property rates etc.

This app contains the user-friendly interface. And it supports the both Hindi and English languages.

Contact details:

Revenue council, Uttar Pradesh

Email ID:

Phone number: 0522 2217155

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